Our Etsy Shop is open!

Our very first listing on Etsy is up, and its a choose your own design- chat with Justin and get exactly what you want. We plan on listing many of our already finished pieces in the next few days for immediate tiki gratification. Find us herehttp://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=40406638


From the smashed pieces of vintage comes Tikis that can leave the house and hold your keys

Sometimes a great night out with friends can leave a girl stumbling, and concrete doesn’t have compassion for vintage purses the way one might hope for. 50 years on this planet and my prized mushroom box purse slammed to the ground spraying hardware and chunks of decopaged fungi all over our carport. Little did I know this was the perfect excuse for Justin to work on a little idea he had been mulling. 3 days later after brushing me aside as a tried to figure out what he was grinding on the carport this time,  he hands me a box purse to beat all box purses- carved and grained wood, tikis on both sides and the order- “Find a handle for me and line it”. I was most pleased to do so, and the love in my eyes for a whole other shelf of carefully collected purses instantly diminished. This was 8 months ago, and even while cranking out custom requests to outfit all the ladies in our circle of friends, Justin has developed even more designs and unwittingly become a purse designer for those of us that would rather have a worshiped idol than a foriegn logo on our handbags.  Here are two of his first purses, the tiki one living with a very lovely lady in Jacksonville and the other braving the cold weather in Pennsylvania with high style. Tomorrow will be the Etsy store launch with the new designs we have in stock, but until then a peek of whats to come.


Our Big Debut at the Rumbler’s Groundhog Gala

Welcome all who might be landing here after being handed a business card yesterday! Our big début at the Groundhog Gala was a rousing  success. We sold several pieces, met so many nice people and handed out a giant stack of business cards. We are so looking forward to doing some custom pieces in the weeks ahead. After a blizzard of carving, burning, staining and lining we finally have enough tiki’s so make a respectable showing at an Etsy store, so please come back for the link in the next few days. I can only hope that I am as good of a photographer as Justin is at carving, so I can really show off how neat these things are in person. The coming weeks will be tons of tiki content on this humble site as well, because we have collected for longer than creating, and we love to share our treasured pieces of Polynesia with anyone interested. Now for some pictures of a great day with cars, booze, and our little contribution of artwork.

Look a happy customer! Seeing that made our day.


Skulls on a stick!

Justin finished his first start to finish piece since the accident. This piece will have a partner before he comes up for sale at the Rumbler’s Show. The carport was swirling with sawdust all day while even more mask are being created as the deadline looms.


Good things coming!

The artist behind the blog is finally back to carving- and a new piece is ready for the marketplace. Pics as soon as it dries!


DelandTiki- one talented carver and one wordy wahine

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